Aquarius astrological sign personality traits

What is the Aquarius zodiac sign like?

I know I get a little aloof sometimes which is not good, but all in all Aquarians are nice people. An Aquarius will always still loyal to the end. This is a down fall for us because we can be taken advantage, deeply hurt inside and never fully recover from the hit. This means friends,spouses,coworkers and etc.

Lindy - Feb AM. Hey Aquarius, I have the biggest problem with hurting people feelings do y'all? As a Aquarius I don't like that about myself! Drea - 9-Dec PM. I was born on January 20, am i born on the cusp morgie - 7-May PM. Hi it's me, your favorite wife from the shining I am an Aquarius and I love to party catch me at el rio singing with my boo J Lo smooch! KP kim possible - Apr AM. Adventure maybe more. Entrested Bizman - 3-Apr AM. Hello to all my beloveds,glad to here from fam. I fully agree with those traits. Spot on!!! Fresh - Jan PM. I agree with that.

I am all of those traits.

The Zodiac Sign Aquarius Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses

They make us Hazel - Jan PM. I agree with the last paragraph.! We are awesome and so unconventional! Norma - Oct AM. Omg, this is so me. I was reading through this and it allndescribed me so welllllllllllllllll. Anyway, we Aquariums don't acceot week people, so if you're having a problem just go to the shin doctor. He'll fix you right up. Because without strong shins, how can one be an aquarium? Nick, I understand completely h ow y ou feel I am almost 50 years old and I fight that same battle frequently.

Unfortunately to win it we have have to do something that goes against the aquarian code, we have to abandon many of the other interests and focus on one. Well maybe 2 or So the question I ask my self that will normally help get me motivated What has your pride cost you? In your case it could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Aquarius zodiac sign personality (psychology, love, work...)

Again revert back to what we know, if you start something and it is not for you you will feel the negative energy, and the one that is for you will fit you like a glove, trust what tools you have been given use them Do not beat your self up over this if you cannot make a decision in a short amount of time just make it in a reasonable amount of time, do your research but do not give up keep moving, it does not really matter how fast you are going are where you are going as long as you do not stop Sun in pisces mercuryand ep eastpoint in Aquarius moon in Gemini rising sign cap, i dont feel like a pisces ppl tell me i dont act a pisces i fell like an Aquarius, and sometimes Gemini sooowierd bit i stil have some treits of pisces and i attract so many Aquarius ppl its ridiculous JE - Jul PM.

Wow Ikept saying test to this article,I am about everything here,my question therefore is how do I become better? Elove - Jul PM. Little Miss Aquarius etc, You have to put up with the rain if you want the rainbow. You sound like an amazing person so keep your Aquarius head held high.

With respect to the ankle, I once dislocated my knee combing my hair,so I can relate to your frustration. However - rest, ice and a big dose of God got me fixed in no time though admitedly, I have thrown all my combs out and burnt them Bedhead - 2-Jul PM. I'm an Aquarius an I'd definitely say I stand out from the crowd. My individuality is truly special and people sometimes don't understand that.

I don't have keep these people around me, I don't need that sort of negativity in my life. Despite my friendly nature I recently got into a dispute with someone who didn't respect my unconventional opinions. Unfortunately I broke my ankle and since then I have just not felt myself, I'm hoping it passes but if it doesn't I'll probably have to top myself. What's the point of going on if I can't be a true Aquarius. I'm 16 and I'm an Aquarius,I'm in a relationship and I feel losted and kind of hard to be myself around my partner and I'm reading these comments and they are so true about everything,I want to be deep in a relationship and I love music,and I like to be myself sometimes, to stay out of trouble.

But sometimes I wonder,will I ever fall in love,I want a big house with a pool and 6 kids. I want someone to understand me,I love giving out advice,and love to solve problems. But right I need some advice,Should I keep this relationship going or just end it,it's going a year now and we argue alot but we're getting to know each other very well. And I feel safe when I'm around him but he don't want to have a career in his future and I do. He hates school and I want to achieve my goal,What should I do? Netta - 4-May PM.

Minni- you say your Aquarius is making you surrender.. As an Aquarius I can tell you if you let us to this you will not be around long. If you are not strong enough you keep up or give us a challenge then we will see you as weak and we are anything but week. It is just a matter of time we will leave or find someone as well that can challenge us.

Aquarius Traits and Star Sign Personality |

If he says something you don't agree with do your research as we don't do feelings well but fact we can not over look. If you can not challenge your Aquarius is every way and just want to stay quiet and get cover in a corner you should just do yourself a favor and move on.

If you want to make it work challenge us.. J - Mar PM. I have issues with my bf because he tends to speak about our relationship in public, I feel uncomfortable when we are talking together and he always makes me feel claustrophobic. Am usually the outgoing and bubbly one but now I can't stand people who talk too much or try to argue with me so I keep to myself and I don't like talking. I am starting to feel something is wrong with me Minnie - Mar PM. Im an Aquarius, I would really just like to say that I'm weird, I am very open but to myself at the same time, I don't think that a relationship is all that important, and I love animals way more than people frfr, I believe in all conspiracy theories, and all I want to do is travel anywhere and everywhere i can, I don't know what love actually is and I think it's an undieing connection of two souls paired to make one, love only comes true through the Lord and that's what I believe, and that being said I am in love with a pisces man, but a little less serious, I'm not that emotional, come on I laugh a lot, oh and I love or really like music, anything music, literaly!

Daiia - Mar PM. I have so many hopes and dreams. I would sacrifice my life in a heartbeat to help so many but I feel stuck and confused Taz - 4-Mar AM. Need to know if Ryan is my love match for the future? Sopf - 7-Dec AM. I'm good at everything I touch but I seem to can't find something that I'm truly interested in. It's like I can find something I like and then I get bored with it after a month or so. Divachic - 3-Nov AM. Care about the planet now knowing the future dreams creative independent enlighten empowerment originality inventive charming witty imagination honest good in business among other talents born leaders or followes teachersliberal or conservative with right balance J - 2-Nov AM.

It seems it is very hard to be an Aquarius in this day and time I am talented in just about anything I touch and can't focus on one thing to master and a cell at I am in a constant state of being lost and can't seem to "reboot" to a starting point to continue I never seem to win I can't give up but at the same time I can't move forward None - Sep PM. Enter word:.

21 Secrets Of The Aquarius Personality…

The Aquarius sign isn't without its downsides. Getting a handle on their emotions and learning to accept them is the biggest obstacle for an Aquarius. You won't like them when they're angry. The Aquarius symbol is the water bearer.

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The world can't survive without water, just like the zodiac cannot survive without the innovative ideas and energy of the Aquarius. Yes, the Aquarius takes their call to action quite seriously. However, even heroes get lonely sometimes. And the Aquarius is only human just like the rest of the signs. This is why the Sagittarius is the best astrological match for the Aquarius.

Sagittarius have their own quirky side. Most importantly, Sagittarius also wants to make the world a better place. Aquarius will appreciate and form a strong bond over their passion for social justice. With their love for people and acceptance of each other's friends, this couple will enjoy a rich social life. Both partners are always willing to try out new things, so their private time will be guaranteed to never be boring.

Aquarius treasures independence and equality. However, these two signs will always come back to each other as no one else will ever share the eclectic bond they have. In all of the zodiac, the Aquarius relationship with Sagittarius will last the longest. We've already covered how an Aquarius loves their science.

So obviously, this is a field they will want to pursue. With their natural humanitarianism, Aquarius will enjoy anything in the environmental field where they can be hands-on in helping people, the community, and the environment.

Aquarius is very innovative and a great visionary, so engineering would make a perfect career choice. And ironically enough, an astrologist is a great choice also! This career would allow Aquarius to really use their scientific minds and feed their curiosity about life. And they have no problem spending it, either! You can expect to find an Aquarius spending their hard-earned dollars on anything that fits their eccentric tastes.

Aquarius has a bold style, so don't be surprised if they show up to work or a party in a crazy outfit. They're only dressing to impress themselves, anyway.

aquarius astrological sign personality traits Aquarius astrological sign personality traits
aquarius astrological sign personality traits Aquarius astrological sign personality traits
aquarius astrological sign personality traits Aquarius astrological sign personality traits
aquarius astrological sign personality traits Aquarius astrological sign personality traits
aquarius astrological sign personality traits Aquarius astrological sign personality traits
aquarius astrological sign personality traits Aquarius astrological sign personality traits
aquarius astrological sign personality traits Aquarius astrological sign personality traits
aquarius astrological sign personality traits Aquarius astrological sign personality traits
aquarius astrological sign personality traits Aquarius astrological sign personality traits

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