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Non-traditional path could be in occult. Keep studying and you can also practice astrology. Mysha — If I understand your chart correctly Pisces ascendant? The addition of MA to the kendras adds some technical expertise, of which engineering is the most common example. So yes, Civil Engineering sounds like a good choice. I have a question I have sun and mercury conjucted with aries in 10th house in my birth chart.

Mars with cancer in 1st house. Moon, jupiter, and venus is in 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 9th respectively. And rahu and ketu at 5th and 12th. Any government job in my kundli or not..? Daljeet — The chart you describe is muddled. RA and KE always opposite are 5th and 12th not opposite? Ascendant is in 8th. Counting from asc, saturn is in ascendant, sun in 3rd, mercury in 4th, mars in 6th, moon in 9th.

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This was not my first choice of career. I just chose it for the sake of choosing. Combining saturn, moon, Venus, and Sun. Should i be doing landscape designing or designing gardens? But i need to fit mars in as well! So, will it go well or should i look elsewhere? My mercury seems to be weak right? Neha — Angular kendra houses are those that are counted inclusively from the ascendant. In the limited information you gave me, it sounds like only Mercury 4th house and Saturn 1st house are angular.

This is good for maths and sciences and related careers, eg, accounting, economics, programming, scientific research. Naresh — In describing your chart, you left out Mars. Therefore, on this basis I judge that you are not suited for government business because you lack initiative, leadership skill or administrative ability. Furthermore, because absent Mars owns the 4th and 9th houses, your education is lacking. Very nice article, sir my daughter has Capricorn ascendant ,Saturn moon Jupiter in fifth house and mars in eleventh house aspects each other and Sun in second and rahu in sixth can you suggest educational stream or profession..

Fields of Communications, Education or Marketing sector spring first to mind. When do I get an excellent job. How is my future? Consult a local astrologer. Nice article. My Mars is in 11th with Jupiter and Ketu.

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I have Moon in 3rd, Rahu in 5th, Venus in 9th and Saturn in 12th. Anu — Your chart is identical to that of one Sayan Kumar Nath who asked a different question. Are you writing me under two different names? Re your question, Moon opposite Venus will always give artistic inclinations. Organize your time and follow your dream. Follow Alan on :.

Influences on the first and 10th houses Now that we understand the capacity for all planets to influence both the house they occupy and the house directly opposite, we realize that so long as a planet is angular it will either occupy or aspect the 1st or 10th house. Career themes by planet Aside from caste stereotypes, however, a more comprehensive understanding of planetary natures can afford much greater insight into career potential.

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Career themes via planetary combinations Although a single strong planet might very well nudge the client into a certain occupation or career, in practice we expect more complexity. Logging In View October 16, Alan replied:. View January 19, View February 7, Also i want to know about my political career Thanks. View February 26, View April 24, View April 5, Sayan Kumar Nath.

View May 9, View July 10, View April 15, Diptendu — Mechanic, engineer, technical writer. Debanjan Mukherjee. View April 16, View July 12, View August 13, Daljeet singh. View August 25, View September 26, Amit Berry. View September 1, View September 17, Hi Sir, Angular here refers to the house being counted from ascendant or normal?

Thanks, Neha.

26 Most Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology (Both Benefic And Malefic)

View April 6, View October 7, View October 8, View October 14, View October 18, View October 23, View November 5, Administration, leadership, classical professions, accounting, architecture, engineering, law, medicine. Security, competitions sports, litigation , combustion, construction, dismantling, skills based on strength.

Counseling, investments, ministry, oratory, teaching, wisdom, writing. Laxmi yoga happens when the lord of the 9 th is posited in the own sign or in exaltation.

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It accelerates the result when the lord of the ascendant becomes strong. Such a person with Laxmi yoga becomes happy, sagacious, and affluent and gets all round achievement in life. If the planet Jupiter is posited in the 2 nd house in own sign, gets aspects of Mercury or Venus and gets conjunction of Venus and Mercury, Kalanidhi yoga happens. The native born with Kalanidhi Yoga get success and glory in the country. Such a native becomes efficient in the field art, entertainment and culture. Mahabhagya yoga is one of the most popular yogas in the Hindu predictive astrology.

Etymologically, Maha means great, Bhagya means fortunes. Hence, Mahabhagya yoga illustrates its meaning as great fortune.

Akhanda Samrajya yoga

Generally, the Mahabhagya yoga happens with the great people such as celebrities from sports and entertainment industry. Both male and female born with Mahabhagya yoga becomes rich, affluent, influential and intelligent. The Lagna is an extremely important house in the birth chart. Hence, it needs to be very powerful. If any auspicious planet remains both the sides of the Lagna or ascendant, the SubhaKartari Yoga happens. The person with SubhaKartari yoga will be healthy, robust, intelligent, commanding, rich and prosperous. The person with Akhanda Samrajya yoga becomes king or ruler and has great influence over the people and society.

In the modern day the powerful political leaders do have this notable yoga. If the lord of the 2 nd , 9 th and 11 th is posited in the Kendra either from the ascendant and Moon and the planet Jupiter as a lord of 2 nd , 5 th and 11 th and gets posited in the Kendra, Akhanda Samrajya yoga happens. A notable Yoga named Amla Yoga is not less powerful than any other yogas. Amla yoga happens, when any auspicious planet such as Jupiter, Mercury and Venus gets posited in the 10 th house either from the Lagna and Moon.

The money, wealth, assets, properties and all kinds of material achievements are the part of life. You can be extraordinarily rich and affluent if the planets are strongly placed in the birth charts. Some of the planetary combinations have been described here. In a nutshell these are the Dhana yoga in astrology.

When, the lord of the 5 th and 9 th are in Kendra and get aspect of auspicious Jupiter, Moon and Mercury, Mahalaxmi yoga happens. Generally, the 12 th house is considered to be bad. However, when the planet Venus remains in the 12 th house, it makes Shukra yoga. Kahal Yoga happens when the lord of 4 th and 9 th house placed in mutual Kendra and the lord of the ascendant becomes powerful. If the lord of 2 nd , 9 th and ascendant remains in Kendra and the 2 nd lord as well as 9 th lord get aspect of the Lagna lord, the native becomes highly rich and prosperous.

If the auspicious 11 th lord placed in the 10 th house and 10 th lord remains in the 9 th house, then the person gets plethora of money and wealth. If the 6 th house, 7 th house and 8 th house is occupied by auspicious planets. I am going to explain in short as to these harmful yogas. You might have heard the name KaalSarp Dosh many times in your life.

It is a hazardous Dosh in the birth chart that can ruin your life. This silent killer happens in the Kundli when all the planets remain in between Rahu and Ketu. There are 12 kinds of KaalSarp yoga that occurs in the natal chart. These Kaal Sarp dosh bring different kinds of troubles and obstacles in life. Even this nefarious Dosh has not spared the celebrities as well. You can have more insight on KaalSarp dosh by reading my article here. If you have a KaalSarp Dosh in the chart you should never ignore and perform KaalSarp Dosh remedies as soon as possible. Shrapit Dosh is the birth chart is another killer.

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This nefarious Yoga of Saturn and Rahu can confine your life. You might have a very good family background; you will not have success and achievement in life. It restricts the life to a great extent. The shrapit dosh do happen when the planet Saturn and Rahu conjoins together in any house in the birth chart. Kemdrum Dosh is in the Kundli is another slow killer that harms the native stealthily. Hence, it is extremely easy to detect Kemadrum yoga in the birth chart even by a layman.

Kemdrum Dosh takes place when the planet Moon places alone and there is no planet either side of it. This mischievous yoga in the birth chart can bring many sorts of danger, obstacles, losses, calamities and what not. You should not be worried about Kemadrum Yoga in the natal chart as it can get cancelled in certain circumstances.

Hence, it is wise to consult an astrologer if Kemadrum Dosh is going to harm you and effective remedies to get rid of its mischief. Almost everyone understands what is Guru Chandal Dosh. Etymologically, Guru means Brihaspati Jupiter and Chandal means an outcaste or mean. Shakata yoga is one of the most inauspicious Yoga in the birth chart. This happens when the planet Moon and Jupiter places 6 th , 8 th and 12 th house from each other. The Shakata yoga is said to be harmful Yoga in the birth chart.

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However, it is not always harmful. The Dosha gets cancelled when the planet Jupiter is posited in the Kendras i. Grahan Dosh is one of the notorious dosh in the Hindu predictive astrology. Grahan dosh takes place due to Rahu, Ketu, Sun and Moon. It also happens when the native takes birth during the period of Solar and Lunar eclipses.

You should never neglect the remedies for Grahan Dosh if it happens in your birth chart.

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  • No doubt, the good yogas are the boon for the native. It brings phenomenal achievements in life, business success, social standing, marital happiness, happiness from children, power, position and authority. However, the evil yogas in the birth chart can make your life a hell. Hence, it is extremely important to consult a wise astrologer and get the solutions. Hello Pandit ji My dob is 15 may 92 time 1.

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